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CE Classes


Learn the Synergy Touch

8 CE hours (Tuition $170) — This class will uncover how our body works in a synergistic way, how we can use the knowledge of muscle anatomy, and chose the proper targeted spot using a synergistic dual and proper ischemic compression to treat the client in a variety of ways. We will experience how the body reacts to the stimulation of two muscle areas simultaneously.

Instructor: Ella Ghigi-Kizis

8 CE hours
9 AM – 6 PM

The Magic Power of Signs and Symbols

Immerse yourself into this class where Ella will take you through a journey back in history to the origins of human creation.  What are signs?  What are symbols?  How do they relate to the universe, and how do they relate to humans?  And most of all, how can we understand and use them to empower our lives?

Instructor: Ella Ghigi-Kizis

The Magic “World” of Tarot

Embrace this class that will teach you about the mysteries, history, and interpretation of the use of Tarot.  It will teach you the origins and purposes, meanings and powers. Ella will take you on an in-depth explanation of each one of the major Arcanas. At the end of the class you will leave with a profound enrichment and understanding of this amazing and ancient divination use.

Instructor: Ella Ghigi-Kizis

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